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Below are just a few examples of emails we have received from our lovely customers from different countries.

  • “Just bought your tea.... and it's bloody lovely. Thank you.”
    Rob Simpson - A new (but from henceforth regular) customer.
  • WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR LOVELY TEA? What a joy to find tea that was enjoyable and excellent taste. My husband is a conssieuer and was very impressed with your tea he sent me out to find some more but alas I went they did not have it. Where can I buy it local to me in Peterborough. Please , please let me know as the box wont last long, Many Thanks.”
    Mrs Pam Best
  • “Dear Sirs, I have been unable to find the most delicious tea in the world at several of the local Marshall's Dept. Store. I have been able to find it in the past, but each time I visit one of the stores, they tell me it's not in. Is it possible to order it directly from the company? I am almost out of tea and in dire need of your help.”
  • “I have been given a box of your tea bags and now I cant drink the usual brand that I have been drinking all my life.
    Lynne Barnett
  • “Hi , We've been given an 80 tea bag caddie of your brew, and it's almost run out. Can you tell me which stores stock your excellent product in my area or can we buy it directly from you?” Trevor Williams
  • “Please let me say thank you, thank you, thank you, no but really thank you. I have searched for a good cuppa for ages and stumbled across yours in my local supermarket and it's heaven. Do you do any other products, because if they are anything like the tea I need to know. Kind regards” Lydia
  • “Dear Sir/Madame , I am writing to congratulate you on 'London Cuppa'. I really used to hate tea but I bought ‘the London tea' to try and when I tasted it I loved it. You've made a wonderful drink to have! Please could you tell me how the tea is made and how you can get the most out of the flavour? Thank you once again, I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely” James Attlee (Kent)
  • “Good morning, my 90 year old mother who lives in California really enjoys a cup of your cuppa. Please tell me where in my local area I can purchase some to take back to put in my Mom's Christmas stocking. Thanks ” Jackie Burke
  • “We need a decent cup of tea and can't get one anymore, are you out for a laugh? No more London cuppas! What's going on? I'm going to hate tea if I have to keep trying all these other teas hurry up and get the tea back on the go again” Tracey
  • Thanks for a great cuppa. I tried the London tea a while ago and its now my favourite. Matt (in Havant Hants)
  • “You kindly gave me a box of London Cuppa to bring home, albeit I protested that I was a loyal PG Tips man! Yes, ok, I acknowledge that the product has surpassed my expectations and yes I can tell the difference. What you did not explain clearly was that whilst the tea is magic, the box is not and it has now run out! Could you please point me to your nearest stockist so that I may continue to enjoy the delights of your excellent product. Kind Regards” John
  • “Where can I get your tea in North Wales? London Cuppa = best tea ever !!!” Karyn (from Conwy)
  • “Dear All, can I buy a box of tea from you? My local supplier in Guernsey has stopped supplying your great tea, and frankly I need a good cup of tea? Please provide information as to how I can pay you and be able to drink 50 cups of tea. Many thanks” Dean Lee (Guernsey)
  • “An avid tea drinker, I find there isn't really anything to touch your tea. I live near Doncaster and probably should be drinking Yorkshire tea, but I find your London Cuppa a much more full-bodied drink. Please help a Yorkshire lass who is tired of the tasteless, more common brands on the market. “ Angela
  • “I just want to say that since a friend gave me a cup of your tea, no other brand matches it. Well done on producing the perfect cuppa.” Regards Margaret
  • “Dear sir , I came across your tea and must say it's one of the best I have tasted. Trouble is I can't seem to find it anywhere. I am now moving to Scotland and it would seem less likely to be able find it.Can I buy it direct from you ?” Yours faithfully Tim Gregory
  • Dear Madam or Sir,Please help me!!! The London Cuppa is the favourite tea of my Mother and myself. Our postcode is N11 3AQ. We love this tea. We desperately want to buy it again. Please can you tell us where we can purchase it from!! If you can, you will be making two people very happy. Thank you for reading this. Yours faithfully, (Ms) Kassandra (Britton)
  • “Help, please! Can you advise me of any locations in Basildon/Loughton/ Southend that stocks your Cuppa.” Ron (now with stocks dwindling fast!!)
  • “Dear Sirs, I may look odd but even in Poland some people heard about your tea. As I see there are some many persons willing to buy this tea and looking for it in their neighbourhood. So I asked someone from Cambridge to look for it for me - Can you advise where in Cambridge can I find it? With Best Regards,” Stanislaw Rejowski
  • “We have been pleasingly refreshed by your tea for some time but have recently been hit by a local tea drought which has left us Cuppaless and forced to drink an inferior brew which is distressing to our taste buds. As we live in Hertfordshire we suffer from hard water which your Cuppa copes with better than other brands we have tried. We were happily purchasing the boxes of 80 round tea bags form our local Sainsbury's store but they have stopped selling it in favour of filing the shelves with their own inferior brands. We raised the issue with them but as their customer service is poor to non-existent our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The good news is that we bought the last boxes at a discount, but they have now run out and we are reduced to staring longingly into an empty cupboard. We have now run out of options so can you point us to a local supplier or will we have to make the ultimate sacrifice and become coffee drinkers?” Geoff Sissons
  • “ Hello, I'm wondering if you can help me. I had the good fortune a few months ago to purchase some of your tea bags from my local here in Rugby. Alas, I have only one little box left and then I'll be left to drown my sorrows in a mug of nasty Tesco so-called "premium ". I've had a look at your website and according to that, you only supply stores in and around the M25. That leaves me with a problem because with the best will in the world, me travelling at least 60 miles just to get my mitts on a box of tea bags is a little extreme ....Is there any way that I could perhaps buy them directly from yourselves, using some sort of mail order? I am willing to buy in bulk (as long as I have a price-list) and I have no problems paying carriage/ delivery. Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.” Kate Lennon
  • Hello Philip, I am pleased to say that my better half and I are fans of your tea. Thanks again !Where can we buy it ? Kindest Regards Simon Jones ConneXion World Cargo Limited
  • “Could you please send details of stores currently stocking your tea in the E2 area. Please help as I have not experienced another tea bag to compare to this great taste Yours faithfully". S. Gladden
  • “Dear London Cuppa . Where can I buy London Cuppa tea? It is the best! I was given some in a goodie bag at the London Film Festival a couple of years ago and I can't find it anywhere. I live in London, please, please, please let me know where I can buy it? I live in Chelsea (SW3 3EG) Please advise. Many thanks. Yours faithfully” Amanda Ramsay
  • “I live in the Stirling area in Scotland and need to find the London cuppa tea, please advise .” ML James
  • “ Please help me I'm fed up with buying PG Tips, Tetley etc etc they are just too weak for my liking and have to end up putting 2 tea bags just to get a decent cuppa. So I'm now holding out my begging bowl, please can you help me trace a stockist or can I buy from you direct? If so I'd like to order something in the region of 6 or 8 80 round tea bags or maybe a couple of your 40 bags, can you PLEASEEEEEE help me I'm fed up with these lousy supermarkets.” Sue Hook
  • “I live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. For the past year I have only purchased your tea. At first I found it in my local Netto store. I bought 1 packet thinking it would be no good. The following day I returned to Netto to buy a further 10 packets. I was just on the verge of running out, some weeks later, after searching constantly in every shop, I found some, needless to say I bought quite a lot, in fact my cupboard was full. Other brands of tea are like drinking the washing up water - not that I've ever tried you understand! I would be grateful if you could either tell me a definite stockist, or maybe I can place an order directly with you. I would be grateful for your early reply. In anticipation I remain in need of refreshment.” Mrs Madeline Allen
  • “We have a preference for your London tea. We're here on the Isle of Wight … Please help and advise!!!”
  • “Hi, Like many other ' cuppaddicts ' (good word innit ? - you have my permission to use ) I am going round the twist trying to find your wonderful stuff in the local supermarkets. I live in Somerset - work in Bristol. I need a fix. Help ...!” Graham Livingstone
  • “Philip, just to let you know that my next door neighbours have just accosted me, demanding more of The London Cuppa, they sampled and are hooked, two boxes no less, ok says I. They have used the box I gave to them and gone back to Typhoo, which they now say is like dishwater, so there you go ! I thought you might like to hear that one. All the best” Geoff
  • “Hello! Yours really is the best full strength Indian tea bag on the market. I live in NW6, work in W10. If you will mail, please send me details. Thanks a lot,” Sloan Hickman
  • “I have been holding on to my precious last box for over 10months. My will is beginning to crack. Help ! Can I order this product? Thank You” Dr. Shergold
  • Hi, London Cuppa, I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. I wonder where your tea in available in this area. Or if I can order it through the email and send it to me. Susanna Barker
  • PLEASE don't ever change the packaging! As it matches my house. Very sad, but I would still buy it anyway Amanda x
  • Dear Sir, Having enjoyed a cup of The London Cuppa at the Excursions Event on Saturday, I would like to try your other types of tea that I saw on your web site. Is there a store that has all of them? I live at Ruislip, just round the corner from you! I look forward to your reply, Best Regards Michael Standen
  • Your tea bags are my favourite! Unfortunately, they are no longer to be found. Can you help please? I have just purchased Sainsbury's Breakfast tea bags as an alternative but there is simply no comparison with yours .I look forward to your response. Thanks Gill Cook, Sutton, Surrey
  • Dear Sirs, Having become great devotees of your refreshing and splendid brew. We are frustrated to be unable to locate any of the London Cuppa products in any of our local stores within the catchment area of our home in Crystal Palace & the SE19 postcode zone. Could you please therefore tell us if you still supply your products to these outlets. And more particularly if we are able to purchase your tea directly from you In order that we can satisfy our exacting tea drinking tastes. Yours most appreciatively. Shane Green & Janet Baker (Tea Drinking Connoisseurs)
  • Hi, Where can I buy your tea? I was given as a present a box of your tea and my wife loves it. Kind regards Christopher Green, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • On a quest for a great tea bag we discovered the London cuppa 3 or 4 years ago and have drunk it ever since – and recommend it to family and friends. However, we have had problems obtaining the tea bags for the last few weeks. Is there another outlet near Bromley BR1 3BT, or can we purchase on line? We look forward to hearing from you. Ruth and David Thomas
  • Hi, Please can you tell me where I can buy ‘The London Cuppa' tea bags in West London. Preferably near Shepherds bush. Thanks, Kathy
  • Philip,Thank you very much for the info. My mother will be delighted to get her" really good tea" and not that "other stuff" as she refers to Lipton's and all other brands that aren't The London Cuppa. Regards, Jackie Burke
  • Just for your information my late father was a tea taster and I think that he passed down to me some of the better things in life such as appreciating a good blend when you find one. I'm not being funny but the vast majority of the "well-known" brands on the supermarket shelves turn out to be nothing more than coloured hot water and when I came across The London Cuppa just a few years ago - it stood out ( and still does) from the rest. Hopefully, you are continuing to find demand for the product and that it will be on the shelves (at least on Asda shelves around here) for some time to come. Kind regards, Ron Hind
  • Now that we have a chance to taste it for ourselves, I can see why the commentators have praised it so much; it has a very good, distinctive and strong flavour.
  • Hooked on London Cuppa! Yours, Alexis Alexanian
  • I travel around the world for a living and take your tea everywhere with me. Everyone agrees it's the best!!Best wishes Helen Shaw
  • Hi London Cuppa, great Tea, the only problem is that I have to drive some 40 miles to get supplies. So , is it possible that I can purchase these products direct from you? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Ron South
  • Hi, We live in Lowestoft, Suffolk. We have tried your London Cuppa Tea Bags and found they make the best tea ever!!! And we are desperate for more!!! Please could you tell us of another store we could purchase them from, or could we buy them direct from you? Thank you Mr & Mrs Albon
  • We tried the rest and now have tried the best! Cheers Mate, all the best to you Geoff Moore
  • Hi, We have been drinking the London Cuppa for a few years, and no other tea compares for us. Having looked at your website, we see that you sell a large pack of 440 - can we buy this directly from you? As a box of 80 my husband and I get through in about 7-10 days! I look forward to your response! Carolyne Downer-Smith, Hertfordshire
  • We recently purchased a pack of your London tea, and were amazed somebody actually blends tea you can taste! Thanks G.
  • To whom it may concern - I just wanted to say how delighted I was last year when I discovered T he London Cuppa tea bags in our local Waitrose. Unlike many other brands, your blend actually tastes like tea, rather than dust! Respectfully yours Jeremy Carruthers
  • I think I might have a tea party!This tea is great. Thanks again. Jo
  • I will be placing an order in the next few weeks. I need to empty an cupboard first in order to store them!!
  • Woodland Stoves wrote: We have a Wood-burning stove business and those that visit us love your tea! Geoff & Judy Chapman
  • Dear Philip , At 11.30 this morning I had a phone call from Mrs. H. to say that a box had arrived from The London Tea Company, she could hardly contain her excitement knowing that inside were boxes of our favourite tea , so when Mrs. H. is happy then so am I, so very many thanks to you for making this possible, I would like to add that until we found your tea a lot of my drinking was coffee, now it is almost entirely your tea , I hope that you are able to achieve more availability because you have a great product there. Regards, John Hussey
  • Dear London Cuppa, I shop at Waitrose in East Sheen, London. They have recently stopped supplying London Cuppa. Not a disaster in the general scheme of things ---- global warming, epidemics and earthquakes ---- but , I am seriously displeased. What happened? Is there anywhere else in the SW14 area or there about where I can find your brew? Thanks. Love the tea and the box. Sincerely, C Barnes
  • Best tea I've had! Steve Munro, Barclays Capital
  • The London Cuppa is definitely the best cuppa around! Rosemary Fisher (Seend , Wiltshire)
  • I love the London cuppa! Can I buy on line please? Russell TW14
  • Hi –I recently tried your tea bags in Chatel while Skiing. John Perkins made me the best cup of tea at his chalet and sent me away with some London Cuppa teabags.Do you have outlets near Bath ?? or do you mail order ??? Thanks Grant Slade
  • Hi. I live in Portsmouth. Help.... I love your tea and have not found anything that is half as good. Kind regards Jan Byng
  • Dear Sir, I am one of your loyal customers who really likes the tea. Can you advice where the tea is available or how I may order it online? Best regards, Linda
  • Believe it or not we purchased some of your tea bags recently in Florida And really want some more but don't seem to be able to get them here in Wiltshire. Can you help? Thanks Stuart Pearson
  • Great fan of the London Cuppa! Paul Reed (Programme Management Operations)
  • Having had to suffer with inferior brands for so long, I'm hoping that London Cuppa can restore the health of both me and my teapot! Regards, Kate Lennon
  • I am desperately looking for your tea product. I occasionally find it in a Marshall's, but as of late no luck. Please advise me of another location. I am in the New York area, basically on Long Island. Thank You,
    Marie Miller
  • I would appreciate knowing where the "Cuppa" can be bought in the USA or if I can buy direct from England. Thank you, A G Di Biasio
  • How can I buy you tea in Florida, U.S.A. I have occasionally found it at T.J.Maxx Alan Adey
  • Hello Sir/Madam, I can not express my good feelings about the taste of this Tea in words. I live in USA and its hard to get this here in NJ, USA. Is there any way I can get the 440 Tea bags here for my personnel use. Please suggest. Greetings Brajesh Singh'Manan'
  • I live in the Boston area. Where can I buy your tea in the states? Mrs. Gail Buckley
  • Hello, I live in the U.S and I was wondering if I could order your tea on-line. Please let me know. Thanks so much David Maynard
  • As I'm London born & bred, I tried your London Cuppa tea the minute I spotted a packet. Could you tell me if there is anywhere in Alberta or British Columbia where I can buy it? Many thanks, Carol Kay
  • I've been able to find your tea in TJ Maxx in the U.S. That's rather hit or miss. Does it sell anywhere else over here? Thank you. Fran
  • I have ordered the bag of 440 of cuppa tea in the past. I would like to order it again! Thank you Cathy Fruci
  • Please send me some information ,how I may be able to buy some of your tea. Are stores available in the USA. That carry it? If I may able to purchase it from your company. May you send me a price list? Thank you Ruby Gangaram
  • Where can I buy this tea in New York city?! Thanks Hazell Bourne
  • Greetings, I LOVE The London Cuppa. All who have tried it in my home would like some for their homes as well. Is your tea available in the USA or can I purchase it directly from you? Happy Holidays, Kristine
  • My friend loves your tea and would like a catalogue or flyer with information on your products. Thank you, Nancy Waters
  • I bought a box of your London Cuppa tea bags at a TJ Maxx store in Jefferson City, MO, USA. Is there any way to buy your products online or to find a store here in the US that carries your products all the time? I can’t find your tea bags there or at any other store & they were wonderful!! Thanks for any help, Julia Meyer
  • Hi, I live in San Jose, California and I was wondering if you sell your tea in any stores in the United States or if I can order it online from the company direct. Thank you so much. Kirstan
  • My sister in law, who resides in London, gave me your tea as a gift when she was visiting our home in the United States. I have always been a person who enjoys a cup of good tea. Well, I truly enjoyed the box of your London Cuppa, my sister in law gave me. I was wondering if I can purchase this tea in the United States? If not, do you sell it on this website? Thank you for your quick response since my box is almost empty. Kristen Lorizzo
  • Love the tea and need more! Where are your Canadian suppliers (Toronto area)
    Yvette Simpson
  • Hey, How come all the comments posted on your website from Canadians are from people begging to know where to buy your lovely tea? Are you just teasing us? Canadians deserve good tea too . . .
  • I live in Canada and my city is Surrey yes we do have a city here too just like England, my sister from London sent me this wonderful tea and my question to you is where can I buy this product here or even in Vancouver. Will be waiting for your answer. Thank you.
  • Hello, Could you please tell me where I can purchase your tea online? I live in Ontario Canada. Thanks Very Much,
    Lyn Cooper
  • I live in Canada and love your product! Is the a retail store that I could purchase your tea from? If you could let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time Sandra Fry-Golinski
  • I received a box of your tea for Christmas and enjoyed it very much. I would like to know who handles your products in Toronto Canada. Thank you.
  • Good Day, I recently purchased a box of London Cuppa Tea at Home Sense (Winners) here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I would like to purchase more. Are there any other stores that carry your products in Canada? Please advise. Many thanks! Regards, Sandy Wilson
  • Hi There, We bought a box of you London Cuppa Tea over the Christmas holidays from the Canadian outlet store in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We love your tea. Is there a place or way to get more here? thanks Adele Rogers
  • I received a box of your tea for Christmas and would like to know where I can purchase it here in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Thank you Robera
  • Dear Sir/Madame, We make three to four trips on per year on business to the UK from Canada. We enjoy the London Cuppa tea and each trip purchase a few boxes to take back to Canada. On our most recent trip last week, we were unable to find any in the Farnham, Surrey area. We tried Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Waitrose. Could you please provide us with an update. We look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Susan Heaven
  •  Is it possible to order your tea online? We were fortunate enough to find some in a small store in the United States but are unable to find more. Do you have any stores in Canada. Thank you in advance for your response. Sincerely,
    Wendy Fuller
  • Are there any retail outlets in Victoria, B.C., Canada, which sell your tea? We found some by chance at a discount retail outlet store called Winners, but they do not usually stock it. We can order online from BritGrocer in Missassauga, Ontario, but the shipping charge adds 50% to the bill. We love your tea, both the loose leaf and the tea bags. Helen Payne
  • Hello, I've tasted your tea and love it -- can I buy it in Canada? Tea bags, loose tea - any will do. Thanks Cheryl Krawchuk
  • Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where to buy your tea in Canada. I received some as a gift and I really enjoyed it and would like to purchase some here. Thank you, Tina
  • Dear sir/madam, could you please let me know if this also available in Canada (ideally in Ottawa). We await your reply Derek Marsham
  • Hello, I have been purchasing your wonderful tea from Homsense here in Canada. I notice they have not had any for a very long time and my "stash" is running low. Will they still be receiving shipments? If not, where else can I purchase your tea here? I live in the Toronto area. Thank you Trina Phillips