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London Cuppa

Welcome to The London Cuppa, the official site.

As with some other major World cities, we Londoners live in a bustling and multi-cultural society, swept along with the increasing pace of our exciting city. The lively flavor of breakfast English tea has become an inseparable part of our lives and it’s hard to start a day without a perfect cuppa.

Tea remains a universal part of our daily lives, with more tea being enjoyed in London than in any other city in the World. We have decided it's time we had our own special British tea, which can also be enjoyed by lovers of good tea everywhere.

A Perfect Blend.

No Compromise with Quality

We've searched for the highest quality leaves and chosen a blend from Kenya and Assam; these have been blended to give a robust, deep, lively flavor which is ideal to enjoy all day, every day. The perfect blend of these leaves allows us to create the unmatched rich taste of British tea and a flavor that you will never forget. .

Once blended it is packed in high quality materials to maintain freshness and delivered to you so you can partake of this key part of London life - wherever you are.

Our focus is to preserve the traditional taste of British tea and maintain the highest standards of quality to offer our customers the same impeccable taste. Our loose leaf and tea bags give a perfect blend of taste no matter how you like to have your tea.