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Below are just a few examples of emails we have received from the USA:

I am desperately looking for your tea product.  I occasionally find it in a Marshall's, but as of late no luck.  Please advise me of another location. I am in the New York area, basically on Long Island. Thank You,
Marie Miller

I would appreciate knowing where the "Cuppa" can be bought in the USA or if I can buy direct from England. Thank you, 
A G Di Biasio

How can I buy you tea in Florida, U.S.A. I have occasionally found it at T.J.Maxx 
Alan Adey

Hello Sir/Madam, I can not express my good feelings about the taste of this Tea in words. I live in USA and its hard to get this
here in NJ, USA. Is there any way I can get the 440 Tea bags here for my personnel use. Please suggest. Greetings
Brajesh Singh'Manan'

I live in the Boston area.  Where can I buy your tea in the states?
Mrs. Gail Buckley

Hello, I live in the U.S and I was wondering if I could order your tea on-line. Please let me know. Thanks so much
David Maynard

As I'm London born & bred, I tried your London Cuppa tea the minute I spotted a packet. Could you tell me if there is anywhere in Alberta or British Columbia where I can buy it? Many thanks,
Carol Kay

I've been able to find your tea in TJ Maxx in the U.S. That's rather hit or miss. Does it sell anywhere else over here? Thank you.

I have ordered the bag of 440 of cuppa tea in the past. I would like to order it again! Thank you
Cathy Fruci

Please send me some information ,how I may be able to buy some of your tea. Are stores available in the USA. That carry it?  If I
may able to  purchase it from your company. May you send me a price list? Thank you 
Ruby Gangaram

Where can I buy this tea in New York city?! Thanks
Hazell Bourne

Greetings, I
LOVE The London Cuppa. All who have tried it in my home would like some for their homes as well. Is your tea available in the USA or can I purchase it directly from you? Happy Holidays,

My friend loves your tea and would like a catalogue or flyer with information on your products. Thank you,
Nancy Waters

I bought a box of your London Cuppa tea bags at a TJ Maxx store in Jefferson City, MO, USA.  Is there any way to buy your products online or to find a store here in the US that carries your products all the time? I can’t find your tea bags there or at any other store & they were wonderful!! Thanks for any help,
Julia Meyer

Hi, I live in San Jose, California and I was wondering if you sell your tea in any stores in the United States or if I can order it online from the company direct. Thank you so much.

My sister in law, who resides in London, gave me your tea as a gift when she was visiting  our home in the United States.  I have always been a person who enjoys a cup of good tea.  Well, I truly enjoyed the box of your London Cuppa, my sister in law gave me.  I was wondering if I can purchase this tea in the United States?  If not, do you sell it on this website? Thank you for your quick response since my box is almost empty.
Kristen Lorizzo

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For a Great Cuppa!
Pour fresh boiling water onto a London Cuppa teabag in the cup, allow the cuppa to stand for 2-3 minutes which will reveal the true flavour of the cuppa. Alternatively, if you are making a brew using a teapot allow one tea bag per cuppa, allow pot to stand for 3-4 minutes, gently stir before pouring the brew
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