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Dear Sirs, Having become great devotees of your refreshing and splendid brew. We are frustrated to be unable to locate any of the London Cuppa products in any of our local stores within the catchment area of our home in Crystal Palace & the SE19 postcode zone. Could you please therefore tell us if you still supply your products to these outlets. And more particularly if we are able to purchase your tea directly from you  In order that we can satisfy our exacting tea drinking tastes. Yours most appreciatively.
Shane Green & Janet Baker (Tea Drinking Connoisseurs)

Hi, Where can I buy your tea? I was given as a present a box of your tea and my wife loves it. Kind regards
Christopher Green, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

On a quest for a great tea bag we discovered the London cuppa 3 or 4 years ago and have drunk it ever since – and recommend it to family and friends. However, we have had problems obtaining the tea bags for the last few weeks. Is there another outlet near Bromley BR1 3BT, or can we purchase on line? We look forward to hearing from you.
Ruth and David Thomas

Hi, Please can you tell me where I can buy ‘The London Cuppa' tea bags in West London. Preferably near Shepherds bush. Thanks,

Philip,Thank you very much for the info. My mother will be delighted to get her" really good tea" and not that "other stuff" as she refers to Lipton's and all other brands that aren't The London Cuppa. Regards,
Jackie Burke

Just for your information my late father was a tea taster and I think that he passed down to me some of the better things in life such as appreciating a good blend when you find one. I'm not being funny but the vast majority of the "well-known" brands on the supermarket shelves turn out to be nothing more than coloured hot water and when I came across The London Cuppa just a few years ago - it stood out ( and still does) from the rest. Hopefully, you are continuing to find demand for the product
and that it will be on the shelves (at least on Asda shelves around here) for some time to come. Kind regards,
Ron Hind

Now that we have a chance to taste it for ourselves, I can see why the commentators have praised it so much; it has a very good, distinctive and strong flavour.

Hooked on London Cuppa! Yours,
Alexis Alexanian

I travel around the world for a living and take your tea everywhere with me. Everyone agrees it's the best!!Best wishes
Helen Shaw

Hi London Cuppa, great Tea, the only problem is that I have to drive some 40 miles to get supplies. So , is it possible that I can purchase these products direct from you? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards
Ron South

Hi, We live in Lowestoft, Suffolk. We have tried your London Cuppa Tea Bags and found they make the best tea ever!!! And we are desperate for more!!! Please could you tell us of another store we could purchase them from, or could we buy them direct from you? Thank you
Mr & Mrs Albon

We tried the rest and now have tried the best! Cheers Mate, all the best to you
Geoff Moore

Hi, We have been drinking the London Cuppa for a few years, and no other tea compares for us.   Having looked at your website, we see that you sell a large pack of 440 - can we buy this directly from you? As a box of 80 my husband and I get through in about 7-10 days! I look forward to your response!
Carolyne Downer-Smith, Hertfordshire

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For a Great Cuppa!
Pour fresh boiling water onto a London Cuppa teabag in the cup, allow the cuppa to stand for 2-3 minutes which will reveal the true flavour of the cuppa. Alternatively, if you are making a brew using a teapot allow one tea bag per cuppa, allow pot to stand for 3-4 minutes, gently stir before pouring the brew
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