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“An avid tea drinker, I find there isn't really anything to touch your tea. I live near Doncaster and probably should be drinking Yorkshire tea, but I find your London Cuppa a much more full-bodied drink. Please help a Yorkshire lass who is tired of the tasteless, more common brands on the market. “

“I just want to say that since a friend gave me a cup of your tea, no other brand matches it. Well done on producing the perfect cuppa.” Regards

“Dear sir , I came across your tea and must say it's one of the best I have tasted.
Trouble is I can't seem to find it anywhere. I am now moving to Scotland and it would seem less likely to be able find it.Can I buy it direct from you ?” Yours faithfully
Tim Gregory

Dear Madam or Sir,Please help me!!!  The London Cuppa is the favourite tea of my Mother and myself. Our postcode is N11 3AQ. We love this tea. We desperately want to buy it again. Please can you tell us where we can purchase it from!! If you can, you will be making two people very happy. Thank you for reading this. Yours faithfully,
(Ms) Kassandra (Britton)

“Help, please! Can you advise me of any locations in Basildon/Loughton/ Southend that stocks your Cuppa.”
Ron (now with stocks dwindling fast!!)

“Dear Sirs, I may look odd but even in Poland some people heard about your tea. As I see there are some many persons willing to buy this tea and looking for it in their neighbourhood. So I asked someone from Cambridge to look for it for me - Can you advise where in Cambridge can I find it? With Best Regards,”
Stanislaw Rejowski

“We have been pleasingly refreshed by your tea for some time but have recently been hit by a local tea drought which has left us Cuppaless and forced to drink an inferior brew which is distressing to our taste buds. As we live in Hertfordshire we suffer from hard water which your Cuppa copes with better than other brands we have tried. We were happily purchasing the boxes of 80 round tea bags form our local Sainsbury's store but they have stopped selling it in favour of filing the shelves with their own inferior brands. We raised the issue with them but as their customer service is poor to non-existent our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The good news is that we bought the last boxes at a discount, but they have now run out and we are reduced to staring longingly into an empty cupboard. We have now run out of options so can you point us to a local supplier or will we have to make the ultimate sacrifice and become coffee drinkers?”
Geoff Sissons

“ Hello, I'm wondering if you can help me. I had the good fortune a few months ago to purchase some of your tea bags from my local here in Rugby. Alas, I have only one little box left and then I'll be left to drown my sorrows in a mug of nasty Tesco so-called "premium ". I've had a look at your website and according to that, you only supply stores in and around the M25. That leaves me with a problem because with the best will in the world, me travelling at least 60 miles just to get my mitts on a box of tea bags is a little extreme ....Is there any way that I could perhaps buy them directly from yourselves, using some sort of mail order? I am willing to buy in bulk (as long as I have a price-list) and I have no problems paying carriage/ delivery. Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.”
Kate Lennon

Hello Philip, I am pleased to say that my better half and I are fans of your tea. Thanks again !Where can we buy it ? Kindest Regards
Simon Jones ConneXion World Cargo Limited

“Could you please send details of stores currently stocking your tea in the E2 area. Please help as I have not experienced another tea bag to compare to this great taste Yours faithfully".
S. Gladden

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For a Great Cuppa!
Pour fresh boiling water onto a London Cuppa teabag in the cup, allow the cuppa to stand for 2-3 minutes which will reveal the true flavour of the cuppa. Alternatively, if you are making a brew using a teapot allow one tea bag per cuppa, allow pot to stand for 3-4 minutes, gently stir before pouring the brew
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