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Below are just a few examples of emails we have received from Canada:

Love the tea and need more! Where are your Canadian suppliers (Toronto area)
Yvette Simpson

Hey, How come all the comments posted on your website from Canadians are from people begging to know where to buy your lovely tea? Are you just teasing us? Canadians deserve good tea too . . .

I live in Canada and my city is Surrey yes we do have a city here too just like England, my sister from London sent me this wonderful tea and my question to you is where can I buy this product here or even in Vancouver. Will be waiting for your answer. Thank you.

Hello, Could you please tell me where I can purchase your tea online? I live in Ontario Canada. Thanks Very Much,
Lyn Cooper

I live in Canada and love your product! Is the a retail store that I could purchase your tea from? If you could let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time
Sandra Fry-Golinski

I received a box of your tea for Christmas and enjoyed it very much. I would like to know who handles your products in Toronto Canada. Thank you.

Good Day, I recently purchased a box of London Cuppa Tea at Home Sense (Winners) here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I would like to purchase more. Are there any other stores that carry your products in Canada? Please advise. Many thanks! Regards,
Sandy Wilson

Hi There, We bought a box of you London Cuppa Tea over the Christmas holidays from the Canadian outlet store in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We love your tea. Is there a place or way to get more here? thanks
Adele Rogers

I received a box of your tea for Christmas and would like to know where I can purchase it here in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Thank you

Dear Sir/Madame, We make three to four trips on per year on business to the UK from Canada. We enjoy the London Cuppa tea and each trip purchase a few boxes to take back to Canada. On our most recent trip last week, we were unable to find any in the Farnham, Surrey area. We tried Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Waitrose. Could you please provide us with an update. We look forward to hearing from you. Best regards,
Susan Heaven

Is it possible to order your tea online? We were fortunate enough to find some in a small store in the United States but are unable to find more.  Do you have any stores in Canada.  Thank you in advance for your response. Sincerely,
Wendy Fuller

Are there any retail outlets in Victoria, B.C., Canada, which sell your tea?  We found some by chance at a discount retail outlet store called Winners, but they do not usually stock it.  We can order online from BritGrocer in Missassauga, Ontario, but the shipping charge adds 50% to the bill.  We love your tea, both the loose leaf and the tea bags.
Helen Payne

Hello, I've tasted your tea and love it -- can I buy it in Canada? Tea bags, loose tea - any will do. Thanks
Cheryl Krawchuk

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where to buy your tea in Canada. I received some as a gift and I really enjoyed it and would like to purchase some here. Thank you,

Dear sir/madam, could you please let me know if this also available in Canada  (ideally in Ottawa). We await your reply
Derek Marsham

Hello, I have been purchasing your wonderful tea from Homsense here in Canada. I notice they have not had any for a very long time and my "stash" is running low. Will they still be receiving shipments? If not, where else can I purchase your tea here? I live in the Toronto area. Thank you
Trina Phillips

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